Do you know what our main job, as developers or engineers, is? Think of it for a moment. I can bet that every answer you come up with leads to “to make our users happy”. Check this out:

My main job as a developer or engineer is:

  • To build APIs……

Error handling is a vital part of the creation of any form. Users are bound to miss a field, type something in an incorrect format, type a username that’s already taken or type a password that is not strong enough. When things like these happen, it’s not the end of…

We’re very proud to announce the second major release of Emerald-UI, which comes loaded with accessibility improvements, UI glitches fixes, a completely new global Dark Theme, new styles for form controls and other features and improvements. Keep reading to get to know all the new stuff.

Oh and also, you…

As maintainers of Emerald-UI we’re constantly looking for ways to improve its performance and functionalities. One of the improvements we’re working on is migrating all the components from class to functional components. This makes them easier to grasp and smaller, so we deliver less bytes to the user.

Everything was…

This is a minor upgrade with the following changes:

Carousel :: Add support for navigation via slides indicators

Now you can jump to any slide by clicking on the circular indicators at the bottom of the slides:

DropdownMenu :: Allow keyboard navigation to disabled items

You can now navigate to disabled DropdownItems with the keyboard. Also, screen readers will read you the DropdownItem caption and the tooltip message.

Improve components’ appearance on touch screens

Devices with touch screens offer a visual indication for when the user taps an element. In Emerald-UI, the majority of the time this style is not necessary, so we removed it when the component itself gives the user touch feedback.

DatePicker :: custom date formats

You can now pass custom date formats to the DatePicker so you can, for instance, show only the month and the year:

This release focuses mainly on accessibility features all across the components.

Accessibility improvements

We followed the recommendations of react-axe and eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y to identify even more accessibility flaws and improved them all. The improvements were mainly aria and role related.

FileUpload :: Return file in callbacks

The FileUpload component was created to manage the uploading process of the File…

NOTE: After releasing v1.3.0 we noticed that the new SingleSelect and SearchableSelect components were breaking while performing server side rendering in Gatsby. …

It’s very easy to build websites and applications that the majority of people can use. You get nice mockups, you build the elements, apply colors and spacing, throw in some Javascript and you’re done! But are you really done?

What about the people with visual problems? Can they easily tell…

Today was released the version 1.2.0 of Emerald-UI, the first minor release since Emerald-UI started following strictly the guidelines of Semantic Versioning. As a minor release, this has no breaking changes and several new features.

The majority of these features improve on accessibility, mainly on what the screen readers read…

Jorge Sanes

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